the return of alien bill

April 12, 2003
Some mostly server-related changes in the works for this site. I've secured the domain and eventually it will point to this site...and hopefully gradually become the canonical name. Though I'm doing some server migrations, so for now it's just a test site, since I need to see if my scripts will work for this site and the loveblender.

Also you might notice a small change at the header of this page. I've decided that having a headshot at the top of one's website, even a very stylized b+w one, is kind of lame. I've always called Alien Bill my signature sketch, and now he's returning to his rightful place. (Also, I plan to roll into this site, so since he's losing his frontpage I thought he deserved this.)

Let me know what you think! My comments pages have been lonely lately.

Found Poem of the Moment
Ria and the loveblender software.
When she submitted this poem, she likely mistook a special "title" field for a "comments" field, which the 'blender munged into a filename like you see here, though I've added linebreaks. The filename broke winzip, but as a poem I think it has a certain breathless beauty.

Toys of the Moment
Dang, why didn't they have these tiny R/C fightin' tanks when I was growing up? Or in time for my latest birthday? (via slashdot)

Recipe Typo of the Moment
"Place first 5 ingredients in a large owl"