tea...in the FUTURE!

April 14, 2003
Movies of the Moment
Making the rounds, High Tea, astronauts eating tea with chopsticks. Surface tension in action!
Snippet of the Moment
The earliest story I kept a copy of was, I had thought, sophisticated, for I'd had the inspiration to lay it in Paris. I wrote it on my new typewriter, and its opening sentence was, "Monsieur Boule inserted a delicate dagger into Mademoiselle's left side and departed with a poised immediacy."
One Writer's Beginnings, by Eudora Welty.

News Clipping of the Moment
"The doors of the town house opened to reveal a playboy's fantasy straight from the 1960s: mirrored bedroom, lamps shaped like women, airbrushed paintings of a topless blonde woman and a mustached hero battling a crocodile."
Gotta love it. Almost as much as a swinger as Kim Jong-il!