April 19, 2003
Joke of the Moment
I've started making my own ice coffee pretty much every morning. (I've already written about my new found admiration for the power of ice...) It saves me a buck or two, and the quality is more consistent. Anyway, lately every morning it makes me think of this joke:

"Waitress, this coffee is awful! It tastes like mud!"
"Well, it was just ground this morning..."


Link of the Moment
Block Death: A Museum of Horrors where Lego minifigs meet their untimely demises. Be sure to use the little arrows to view the scenes from different angles (and/or moments in time.) Those poor little yellow dudes hardly ever know what hits 'em.

Small Business of the Moment
Via Bill, Would you pay a buck to see one million toothpicks? I would! This is a really cool idea.
I remember a book my sixth grade math teacher had, with a thousand pages of a thousand dots each, with many important numeric milestones and world records on the way to a million labeled. But with the toothpicks, you can see every one at once, and that really is something.