i think worms need hands

April 20, 2003

--Mo found this little fella when were out removing foreign material from the garden bed.

Science of the Moment
Question/Title: How do worms dig without hands?
Purpose: To find out how worms dig.
Hypothesis: I think worms need hands.
Materials: I used dirt, worms, a container and dead leaves.

1. I got my materials.
2. I put the worms in the container.
3. I looked to see what had happened every other day.
Results/Observations: On day one worms were on the top of the dirt. On day three they were halfway through. On day five they were on the bottom of the container.
Conclusion: Worms don't need hands. My hypothesis was incorrect. They eat their way through the ground.
An experiment by benjamin. Actually, many of the other fourth grade Science Fair '99 entries are way too cute, like "airplanes", and others have a base of good science, like "solids and liquids" and "erosion".

Article of the Moment
Slashdot linked to this set of pages about the United State's prop-planes they would loft a nuclear weapon onto its target. Brave guys in those...actually, the parent site of that page has a lot of cool stuff about military aviators.