April 25, 2003
In yesterday's comments, "reunion victim" asked if Classmates (.com I assume) was the only way I found out about my class reunion...I don't think so. I made a kind of proactive effort to stay in touch with the official Alumni page, but I think the organizers worked to contact people by e-mail, I don't know if they used or something like this page (which I like a little more).

Quote and Link of the Moment
Hey, underpants are a type of pants.
Kind of a choose-your-own-adventure, I haven't played it through very much...

News of the Moment
Huh...they're gonna come out with a new nickel design. I guess we used to have redesigned coins more often than we do now (not counting the 50 state quarters, of course, which I still think are a very cool idea).

Concept of the Moment
Quiet Parties, where there's no talking at all. Interesting idea!

Strangeness of the Moment
So I bought a bag of minisized pretzels, mostly 'cause I like putting mustard on them. And I ate the pretzels. And I was still hungry. Like, not hungry hungry...mouth hungry. Truth be told, I wanted more mustard. You see where this is going?

I now have a new way of eating mustard. You can put a dab on the back of your hand and just lick it off. Preferably when no one is watching. Just be careful the mustard container doesn't spray when you apply it, and get it all off so you don't get yellow patches.

I know, I'm a total freak. But I really like mustard.