that's how *i* want to go

April 26, 2003

Man, did I watch a stinker of a movie last night at Jim and Sam's Bad Movie Night..."The Black Ninja". A black...err, ninja who guessed it, a Black Ninja motorcycle. He's a top notch defense attorney who gets suspects free and then kills them. It's either so new or so bad it doesn't show up on! Which is especially odd because it was written/ directed/ starred in by Clayton Prince, who has been in some mainstream stuff incuding the Cosby Show and Third Watch. (And according to a more offical website, the other actors have pretty big credentials as well.) I'm no Bill the Splut when it comes to talking about this kind of stuff, so I'll let do the work for those who want to know how bad indy chop-socky can be. Had a good theme song though, kind of a retro-blaxploitation number.

Quote of the Moment
"Gee honey, I don't regret going to college. Why then I might not have married you. What would have become of me then? I would have probably just lived an empty, meaningless existence, ordering hookers and pizza till I dropped dead... ...with a slice in my mouth and a greasy hooter in my hand."
Ted Bundy, Married with Children

Cultural Lesson of the Moment
How To Bow is a great and informative flash presentation, going into great detail about Japanese manners at work, home, and while going out. Really informative and thought out, though even the "fast" silent version is rather slowly paced. (Which might be part of the point, I don't know.) I love this kind of cultural stuff. The metafilter conversation where I found the link has some discussion about Western quirks, which I also find interesting. Seems like it would be tough to keep track of everyone's seniority ranking to the extent that they do in Japan, but it might be kind of nice to have a formal system of respect.