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May 21, 2003
Off to Europe! I'll try to add some "postcards" to the 5-items a day I prepublished as access permits.

Vaguely Optimistic Quote of the Moment
"Please try to remember that al-Qaida and its surrogates are engaged in a war with Muslims as well: They boast of attacking the West in order to impress or intimidate those Muslims who are wavering. But they are steadily creating antibodies to themselves in the countries where they operate."
--Christopher Hitchens, Did the Iraq war really boost al-Qaida? The main point I disagree with is that an increased risk of retaliatory strikes doesn't mean that terrorists feel they lost a friend in Saddam; even if they found him loathesome, they might not want to see ANY arab leader taken out by a big Western army. A related observation: were bribes the real secret weapon of the last Gulf War?

Consumer Product of the Moment
Possibly even more amazing than the Jesus Action Figure, it's Jesus Comes 2 Play! It doesn't say so explicitly, but I think this guy is supposed to be "Cabbage Page Christ", more or less. Stigmata, sandals, long hair, the works. "His Clothes and Sandals are Removable", even, just in case you want a naked Jesus doll to boot. (Update: on today's comments, Harry points out there's also a Moses Comes 2 Rock doll, complete with--err--a hockey stick. Is that their update of his staff? Ooh ooh...coming soon...(and I'm not making this up) Buddha Comes 2 Play too!)