that's a lot of spam

June 15, 2003
Funny of the Moment
New Scientist readers are concerned about their e-mail boxes being bombarded with spam, and the need for more and better filters. However, they seem to have overlooked the benefits to be gained from all these spam messages. For instance, I have been accepting all offers made to me by e-mail since the beginning of this year, and my penis is now 43 meters long.
Letter to the editor from a recent issue of the New Scientist, posted by "A Mack" to rec.humor.funny

Index of the Moment
Probably one of those things that is more interesting to Kirk than to anybody else, I've made a public version of my script that shows you all of my blog entries sorted by name. It's interesting (to me, anyway) to see the patterns there, what titles are repeats or near-repeats.