oh, canada

Joke of the Moment
"How do you spell 'Canada'?"
"C - eh? N - eh? D - eh?"
Ed Forster, friend of my Mom's, thought to be original to him! I thought it was a little clever.

Small Gif Cinema of the Moment
two kitchens

In England I bought a tiny toy camera, Digi Precision, imported from China, with a cool see-through case. The instructions are pretty unhelpful, I'm thinking about making a webpage for it. It's not a good camera for photos but one redeeming features is the movies it can take...practically ready-made to be shrunk down for small gif cinema.

News of the Moment
I don't know if it was a semi-legitimate attempt to start a tour operator company, but I admire the concept of Mainline Airways, started by a college kid, without offices. Or planes. Or crews, or permits, or much of anything...the pure virtual airline.