i'm attracted to bright light too

Image of the Moment
Screendoor Moth. I added a larger version to my desktop wallpaper page, it's what I'm using now.

Article of the Moment
We're All Gonna Die!, "a skeptical guide to Doomsday" from Wired. A great article...sometimes I'm amazed that Wired gives mostly all their content away for free on their website. (I'm very fond of Wired, they started up just about the same time I was getting online, so I feel like we've grown up together...)

Exchange of the Moment
On the same lines, is it possible that the incredible amounts of caffeine ingested by American society might also be a contributing factor in the uprise of ADD/ADHD? It just seems like a possiblity to me.
If caffeine caused mental problems, I'd be the fucking Rain Man of Dr Pepperville.
Not that it's not a serious issue for many people, but it's amazing how almost everyone can come up positive on some of the more primitive Q+A tests they have for it. Someone there linked to a thought-provoking table Hunter and Farmers, which argues that folks with ADHD might just be "hunter" types trying to live the "farmer" lifestyle our culture is now based on.