it's only thursday

Toys of the Moment
Odd little stylized experiments in Flash, blprnt v.2. Click the numbers at the bottom to see different animations/collaborations.

Chat of the Moment
J-Dogg> My wishes are like poetry in your eyes. We want this moment to last forever.
Partner8> OMFG are you trying to cyber me?
J-Dogg> We are like two dancers, for whom the music never stops. I Kiss the top of your hand. You are taken aback by the bulge that forms in your thigh.
Partner8> Is that like cancer?
J-Dogg> If cancer is our love, then I hope you don't have the technology of chemotherapy.
Partner8> Good one romeo.
from this slashdot post with like 10 of 'em, though I think they have their origin from somewhere else.
WARNING: raunchy, but that's mitigated by extreme goofiness. If you're in a hurry, the top three are probably the funniest.

Articles of the Moment
Wired article on Aesthetics and the new new new Economy. Also, they report on some cool stuff going in NYC in terms of the Mob Project, flash crowds that suddenly congregate, linger harmlessly for 10 minutes or so, and then disperse.
UPDATE: but linked to an even cooler/goofier happening, where lots of folks dress up as Agent Smith for the Matrix opening in Japan.