forked tongue

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Quote of the Moment
"I like the way it looks," he said, listing his reasons. "Two, I think it will be more fun during oral sex and the girls will get a kick out of it. Three, everyone and their mother has their tongue pierced and four, I'm an idiot."
The result is kind of like a snake's tongue. Says it makes it hard to eat ice cream, but you can do party tricks like pick up pencils.

Article of the Moment
Slashdot linked to an intriguing story about artidically invoking "savant" like behavior via EMF, from the NY Times. I wonder if anything could come of that? Though the technique seems like trying to paint-by-number with a giant wall-painting paintbrush.

Photo of the Moment
Mo's got glasses! She looks like an urban hipster. Actually she's probably going to be wearing them all the time's kind of strange to think how it's such a change to the landscape of her head, how all time will be divided into Mo without glasses, and Mo with glasses, and that boundary point is today. (She felt compelled to have me point out that she is indeed making an odd face in this picture, it's not a natural by-product of the glasses or anything.)

Pointless Link of the Moment
I guarantee you that this site has more information than you ever need to know about the last few seasons of "The Price is Right". It's kind of like "trainspotting" (the actual activity, not the heroin-themed movie) for gameshows. The coverage adds daily commentary for the last few of the seasons offered.