oops, i did it again and again and again

Quip of the Moment
[The title character 'Sky' is] a rather alarmingly youthful and extremely boisterous woman who could be described as 'the Britney Spears of porn', if that weren't midway between an oxymoron and a redundancy.
Glenn Kenny, introduction to "A Galaxy Not So Far Away", essays on the cultural response to Star Wars.
The movie in question is "Sky's Day Off".

Link of the Moment
I've been getting more into everything2.com lately (more on that later, probably) and I found Conan O'Brien's Commencement Speech for the Harvard Class of 2000. S'funny.

Simpsons Quote of the Moment
Bart: [practicing for Radioactive Man's sidekick fallout boy] Now is the winter of our discontent!
Ralph: Oh no! Run! [runs]