Usenet Posting of the Moment
Warning, slightly raunchy content follows:
Subject: Re: Getting Love Warts
From: "Steve Howarth"
Newsgroups: alt.2600, alt.dissolved-reality, alt.folklore.urban

"Sassy Red" wrote:
Does everyone who knocks off a little piese of ass with out asking get love warts ? I's never had any such thing before last week, and i has been with a girl many other times but never did i get a spot on my tool or even a sore nut when i was done poking her.
Hey, Cletus! You got the Internet, now, I see.

Web Toy of the Moment
I don't think this guy has an official connection to Google, but Aaron Swartz has made an interesting tool that lets you see what ads would come up if you were part of Google's AdSense program. It's cool seeing what Google really thinks your site is all about.
I tell you, I'm very tempted to look into installing this on LoveBlender... I've always liked Google's approach to Ads before, the stuff is ontopic, and it would be nice for that site to finally start carrying its own weight...

Advice of the Moment
Just don't create a file called -rf.
Larry Wall.
You probably have to be a computer geek who knows Unix to get that one.

News of the Moment
I'm so delighted by incredibly nasty war waged by people trying to install religion-based government, Islamic or otherwise.

Link of the Moment
Slate.com captured what looks to be screenshots from a the Bush/Cheney '04 website prototype. Unintentionally hilarious and telling in parts.