go moth go

July 9, 2003
Slogan of the Moment
"Striving for excellence,
like a moth beating itself
to death on the side of a
light bulb."
--Josh Space. This has been in the KHftCEA since 1998, but it's been going through my mind lately. Alas, only the "old site" still seems to be around, and it doesn't link to the other pages, like the pretty decent quotes page. I like the orange-tinted art.

Article of the Moment
A Slate.com piece explains that the cable-shopping network QVC has consitently done better than Amazon.com. Which is a good point, but I disagree with the concluding paragraph "But QVC's advantage also lies in the overall shopping experience. In the end, watching QVC is a far richer and more satisfying event than shopping at Amazon.com". QVC is so...linear. They talk and talk and talk about one thing and if you don't care about that one thing, why the hell would you stick around long enough to see the next thing? Part of the problem, I suppose, is that I'm out of the demographic. I have to admit that a young-male technogadget show would be more likely to hold my attention, but still...I think in general, guys don't want to be sold to, they want to just get stuff. (Which is a long-recognized difference between (most) men and women in retail shopping, guys are much more goal-oriented and gals take more pleasure in the process.)