family sorrow

Awful, awful news in my extended family; the wife of one of my mom and aunt's cousins (popularly known as "the cousins") has died; she was young, mid-30s at the latest, and is leaving behind several children and her husband. Still a lot of unknown about the exact causes.

Anyway, posting might be a bit muted today.

Also not sure about my NYC plans now, though there might be a delay before the funeral, so it won't interfere.

Passage of the Moment
Dave had been listening instead of talking, a standard feature of his 'low profile'--and very nearly a third way to lie, Ira, and easier than its equivalent--talking while saying nothing--and also tends to give the nontalker a reputation for wisdom. Never cared for it myself--talking is the second of the three real pleasures in life and the only thing that sets us apart from the apes. Though just barely.