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July 12, 2003
I love this latest twist in Bush's truth-warping spin about Iraq looking to buy Uranium from Africa. Pressure the other groups not to object to the language (our own intelligence pretty much knew it was a scam, which is why the speech referred to the British intelligence sources and not our own) and then blame 'em for not telling you no. "Hey, George Tenet, fall on this grenade for me, would ya? There's a good man." (And now the prez magnanimously says he "still has faith" in the man. Well DUH! Seriously, who was the one with the @)$*@ "truth problem"? Who are the ones who are "revisionist historians". Damn, that pisses me off.)

Links of the Moment
I had forgotten how cool QuickTime VR can be. You can pan 360 degrees (and often up and down), zoom in and out to a surprising degree...and I love how some of them show this "holodeck" looking pattern until the image actually loads.

Panoramas.dk is a site with tons of 'em, and many are really cool: the most recent is a scene of Fireworks from the top of the Empire State Building (with a soundtrack, which I actually think detracts a bit, makes it sound like one of those awful "Audio/Video" slideshow presentations we had to sit through during elementary school field trips.)

Other cool ones include Times Square (and the same at New Year's Eve), WTC Light Towers in tribute to 9/11 (be sure to pan up!), the Eiffel Tower, an Underwater Wreck, and an indoor shot, Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome.

Seriously, these are really good...I actually have less of a need to go see the Eiffel Tower now. It sounds goofy, but it's true; the panoramic view is a big part of the draw for me.

Sale of the Moment
People who live near Boston should check out The Construction Site on Moody Street in Waltham...the best building toys store I've ever seen. (it is run by friends of my family, but I think that description still stands.) And right now, they're running their first ever sale on all LEGO...20% off all LEGO from today 'til July 25th! They also have a big Jenga Fett in the window, and a cool K'Nex roller coaster above their main register. They also have two cool associated stores that share the space, "Aisle 9" with lots of jewlry gifts and cooly designed doodads, and "The Rail Yard", with toy wooden trains of all types.