off to the bots

July 13, 2003
So, today Brooke and I should be off to New York City to look at robot artists! Don't look for much in terms of updates....

Advice of the Moment
"Most men dry-clean their suits too often. Except for wearing one while waging global warfare, this is by far the surest way to kill a good suit, and the quickest way to age an inexpensive one. Do not dry-clean until a suit is visibly dirty or until you can't stand the smell of cigarettes, or the fragrance of someone you want to forget."
I like the light melancholy note at the end there. From this page on the Men's Wearhouse site...we spent a pretty big chunka change yesterday, getting me not just a decent suit (which I needed for the upcoming funeral) but a whole mini-wardrobe of nice stuff. They really do a good job there.