the noive of some people

July 23, 2003
Dang, so (according to the sidebar) Dylan's in Hawaii, and he didn't even tell me beforehand. Gee, whatsamattah, San Diego's brand of endless weather perfection get a little boring, so you needed to throw in a little endless weather perfection plus volcanos? I hope you choke on a pineapple, pal! (I kid, I kid.)

Gripe Site of the Moment
One of the oddest gripe sites I've seen, it's the Truck Driver's Gear Change Hall of Shame According to site's FAQ, it's when a song has a big gratuitous modulation/key change, usually near the end of the song to give a cheap and tawdry "lift". (Nothing to do with actual trucks.) The muso's introduction, focused on the Beatles' use of the trick, is worth reading too. I can see the technique being annoying to a hardcore music aficionado, though I am surprised it's bad enough to be worth dedicating a whole site (with plenty of soundclips!) to it.

Game of the Moment
Wonderful little fighting game of the fonts: Helvetica vs. Arial. Very tricky until you get the hang of Helvetica's aeriel attacks (vs Arial's mad dashes), and nicely done overall.

Quote of the Moment
How about this for a headline in tomorrow's paper: 'French Fries!'
Convict James French, seated in the electric chair.

Politics of the Moment
You gotta love this white house:
"George Tenet, fall on this grenade!"
"Good man. We have great confidence in him, despite not telling us that he thought the yellowcake thing was BS."
"Do I take responsibility for that line in the speech? I certainly do take responsibility for deciding to go to war."
(Sound of memos from the CIA from October pointing out how suspect this claim was being discovered)
"D'ohh! Stephen Hadley, fall on this grenade!"
"Good man. We have great confidence in him."
Wait a minute, what am I thinking? Like anyone thought GWB actually comes anywhere near writing his own speeches? He can barely read 'em, for crying out loud. (Sorry that this rant wasn't very funny, it's a little funnier in my head.)