like sand through the hourglass

July 24, 2003
Ramble of the Moments
Not enough hours in the damn day.
Not enough days in the damn month.
Not enough months in the damn year.
Not enough years in the damn lifetime.

But, oddly enough, too many days in the damn week.

Why isn't it Friday yet?

IMDb of the Moment
Nice! From Justin to Kelly has surpassed Manos, the Hands of Fate as the worst of the Bottom 100 Films at IMDb.

Music of the Moment
Mashups are remixes where the artist takes 2 or more known songs and slams them together. "Dsico that No-Talent Hack" has a download page full of some pretty good ones. My very favorite was Groove's a Bitch featuring Deee-Lite's "Groove is in the Heart" against Missy Eliott's "She's a Bitch" and Basement Jaxx's "Just 1 Kiss". (I found it looking for information on Deee-Lite's Lady Miss Kier lawsuit against the game Space Channel 5...she claims they stole her image, I'd say it was a completely dumb case except previously they tried to license it from her and then went ahead on their own.)

Feedback Feedback of the Moment
After yesterday's 'French Fries' quote, Atari programmer Nick Bensema came up with "Fruit flies like a banana, French fries like a hamburger" on the comments page, which I hadn't heard before, but I like it a lot. After that, LAN3 requested "More jokes in the punchline-as-setup vein, please" but try as I might, I can't quite wrap my head around what that's supposed to be asking for. I must be dumb.