that's me!

July 27, 2003
Design of the Moment
A while back Ross invited people to send in logos for his website and this is what I came up with. To the side is the animated part, shown here at twice normal size. I tried to get the comic timing right, so that it was obvious that this little Ross wasn't all sure what he should be doing, though I'm not sure if that came out.

Link of the Moment
This Is Broken is a rogue's gallery signs and website and other things that are just plain broken and otherwise dumb, all in the name of looking at "Customer Experience".

I'll tell you, sometimes I surprise myself with how much rage I get with stuff like this, when I encounter it in real life.. I really have expectations that at least a modicum of intelligence be applied in systems of all types. Bad design is a misdemeanor against humanity.

Quote of the Moment
Bad design is a misdemeanor against humanity.