chocolate thunder, vanilla breeze

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July 28, 2003
Interview of the Moment
Cigar Aficionado interviews basketball great Darryl "Chocolate Thunder" Dawkins. I heard this guy on the radio, then found this. No talk of cigars in it, however.

Ramble of the Moment
You know, "PDA", Personal Digital Assistant, is such a goofy name. "Ooh, it's not just an electronic organizer, it's an assistant". Look, not that I don't heavily rely on my gadget, but until the damn thing can bring me drinks and follow me around, like Twiki on Buck Rogers, call it what it is, a damn handheld computer / electronic organizer. (Besides, "PDA" was already taken by "Public Display of Affection"...combined with the name "Palm" there's room for a lot of really stupid sexual jokes.)

Movie Quote of the Moment
"Be careful of women who love you just the way you are. It means they are willing to settle too easily."
Tobias Alcott, The Man from Elysian Fields.

Music of the Moment
Ranjit mentioned that his favorite music to work to is "energetic music in a language he doesn't understand". Deciding to see if the same trick would work for me, I've spent the last half hour or so listening to the non-stop mix "All the Best from The German Beer Garden".

Thanks, Ranjit.

I'm not sure why I own this album. I think someone may have given it to me as a joke...maybe even Veronika.