the barcode of the beast

September 6, 2003
You know what I need? Some program that would take text, pipe it through a text-to-speech synthesizer, record the result as a wav file, and then let me burn it to a CD. I think they have something like that for the Apple iPod, except it makes files that can be loaded onto your MP3 player. And then, of course, I'd have to find e-texts that I really want to listen to. And not get sick of that robovoice...

Toy of the Moment
Conceptually neat (but with a fragile implementation) barcode clock. Actually, that site has lots of random barcode themed stuff.

Article of the Moment
Very cool and readable History of Nintendo's NES for the 20th anniversary of the Famicom, the original Japanese version. A nice two-person format, and mini-reviews of lots of games, broken up by year. Great reading for anyone who grew up during the 80s, not just for classic video game nerds like me.