mechanical sabbatical

September 10, 2003
Image of the Moment
--There's something oddly appealing about the entries in the Industrial Art Gallery.

Link of the Moment
I'm also a sucker for an interesting clock display. I guess displaying the time has some interesting design constraints and possibilities.

Ramble of the Moment
Speaking of, tomorrow is the anniversary of WTC et al. You know, it's making me realize that my sense of time is getting a bit screwed up. Spring of 2001 Event Zero folded, Late Spring 2002 Gale Group decided to close its Boston office. It seems strange somehow that there was only half a year betwee EZ and WTC, but its been 2 years since then, 6 months or so at Gale, and coming up to a year and a half at Taxware. (Yeah, I know compared to the awfulness of the events two years ago one almost 30-year-old guy wondering about time squeaking by is such small potatoes as to require nanotechnology, but still.)