the long and short of it

September 9, 2003
I remember sitting on the floor back in middle school gym, looking at my feet and thinking they seemed kind of far away. This might have been after my growth spurth, but still, every once in a while I look down and get a twinge of that...we're taller than we think, in that 5 to 6 feet is actually a bit far when put horizontally.

I can see you're all fascinated.

Quote of the Moment
"You can't break a bad habit by throwing it out the window. You've got to walk it slowly down the stairs."
--Mark Twain

Link of the Moment
I was looking for an "abandonware" copy of Windows 3.1 to make this one ancient laptop of mine potentially useful again (I had foolishly put Windows 95 on it to make it "easier" for my mom, but that OS overwhelmed its puny 4meg self, whereas 3.1 ran pretty well.) I ended up just getting a (shrinkwrappe, supposedly) copy on Ebay, but in the meanwhile I found Dan's 20th Century Abandonware. No downloads, as far as I can tell, but information and screenshots that makes decent computer-history-geek reading.

In case you're wondering, "potentially useful" would be something I could use to carry around WAV files for my atari supercharger, to video game get-togethers and what not.