why the yankees suck

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Dialog of the Moment
"Yankees suck!"
     "Why do Yankees suck?"
"...because they hate their mothers."
Some very young Sox fans talking with some friends of Mo.
I always wondered why, exactly, Yankees Suck and now I know.

For anyone mildly interested in baseball but without easy news access (Hi Mom, in London) Sox evened their 5 game series 2-2 vs the A's with the deciding game tonight, Yankees took the series from the Twins, Cubs took their series from th Braves, something like the first time in 95 years that they've won a series in the post-season. Oh, and the Patriots won too. And the Browns beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh. So all in all I'm pretty happy with my fandom of Boston and Cleveland teams.

Nineties Nostalgia of the Moment
Remember Tamagotchi, those little LCD keychain "virtual chickens" in the mid-90s? Here's an Academic Paper on 'em. (If you're in a hurry just skim through what's probably the most interesting page) I guess people got sick of babysitting the little things, or maybe look after one little critter paled in comparision to Pokémon's "gotta get 'em all" dozens and dozens of different creatures.

It might be kind of difficult to explain Tamagotchi to our grandchildren, or at least how we were so taken with creatures made by such primitive little displays, even when better technology was theoretically available. I had forgotten how the little things almost required 24/7 attention.

Here's a different page with a lot of images, including "screenshots" and a picture of the original inventor.

Link of the Moment
Map of the London Tube with walklines, the walklines show you which stations are easily walkable, a bit of data missing from the original.

Political Quote of the Moment
I'm the master of low expectations.