damning with effusive praise

October 7, 2003
Go Red Sox!...they beat Oakland in typical nailbiting fashion. But Johnny Damon had a nasty, nasty knock, colliding with Damian Jackson when they both went to catch a fly ball...he was K.O'd and has a concussion. Terrible to see the replay for that.

Bring on the Yankees. They suck. And they hate their mothers.

Looking forward to a Red Sox/Cubs World Series. Red Sox won that last World Series matchup, 4 games to 2. In 1918.

Funny Link of the Moment
Positive Movie Reviews--a really funny exercise in damning with effusive praise. Rates movies using a scale of "four or five stars"...a bit like The Onion's "The Outside Scoop", but easier to actually read through.

Commentary of the Moment
SO, after his Feature on the Blender, Jason Pettus had some kind words for the Blender setup in his journal. (Final 3-4 paragraphs on the page.) I am pleased with how the Blender has evolved, that you can see all the raw content, but there's also a selection made, so if you just want to read some good stuff every month, it's there as well.

The middle of that journal entry is a great read, some amazing little tidbits from "Voluptuous Panic: The Erotic World of Weimar Berlin" by Mel Gordon.

Gaming Link of the Moment
Home of the Underdogs has writeups of hundreds of overlooked PC games and applications. I like how mousing over titles brings up screenshots, since a single screenshot can really say a lot. Beware the huge amount of popups. They're feature on head-to-head games was pretty good. I also love their puppy astronaut mascot, shown here.

Heh...one of the things about even "general interest" linkblogs that are run by a small team or just one guy (like this one is) is that they always focus a bit too much on some particular interest of the writer...the way BoingBoing always seems full of Doctrow's Disney links, or CamWorld always has a ton of politics. I'm sure a reader of this site who digs the usual random links but just isn't into video games probably thinks I'm obsessed.

Random Link of the Moment
The website of the gum I'm currently enjoying encourages me to take a quiz to find out Am I A Gum Or Mint. Apparently, I am a mint. I have no idea what that means.