Dang it to heck, September 25 was my 1000th and I didn't even notice. Grrr! (And it was a lame entry too, and I knew it then, or else I wouldn't have called it "Thursday Thud"...the "Quote of the Moment" was too appropriate, in retrospect.) As always, here's how I figure these anniversary dates out. (I hope I do better at catching the 100K rollover of my car--I got a good photo at 50K.)

Sports Update of the Moment
Red Sox "evened up the series in a must-win situation" (sounds a lot better than "staved off elimination", which makes it sound like they were down 2 or 3 games, not just 1) but the Cubs lost to those "punk-ass Marlin" (not that it matters but I'm never going to forgive them for having a hearltess rich owner who bought good players, won it all, then dispersed them to the wind after a heartbreaking (for me) 7-game series over my beloved Cleveland Indians.) Still, I guess it's good, that Red Sox/Cub series, with it impossible for either team to win, would have brought about the implosion of the universe, so I guess we caught a good break there.

I'm kidding. Sox are going to win it all.

Grumble of the Moment
Hidden Tracks on CDs. What the hell is the point? Either it's a normal track that they leave out of the listing, or they stick a song at the end of another song, or they do something stupid like put 90-odd blank tracks between the normal songs and tht hidden treasue, or a ton of silence. Do they think they're being funny? Or cute? Or interesting? Wrong on all 3 counts.

Article of the Moment
I've gained a lot of respect for over the past few years...frankly, it's a more consistently interesting site than Salon. Today they had a run down on the top candidates to be the next pope...a lot of politics and other considerations. (Interestingly, the top 4 candidates consist of a Black, a Hispanic, an American, and (in a technical sense) a Jew.)

Tourist Attraction of the Moment
Whoa! The Colossal Colon Tour is in Boston, right now! Copley Square, to be exact. Clearly, you don't want to pass up the chance to crawl through a 40 foot long, 4 foot tall model of a human colon, right? And see things like things like cancer and Crohn's disease and polyps?