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October 29, 2003
This year's pumpkins by me and Mo. (Maybe not as cool a photo as last year's, but better designs I think. The demonic guy on the right makes use of the fem's broken off stem.)

Quote of the Moment
If you want a vision of the future, it is a wireless broadband network feeding requests for foreign money-laundering assistance into a human temporal lobe, forever. With banner ads.
John M. Ford

Thought Provoker of the Moment
Really thought-provoking audio segment from NPR: this woman was almost diagnosed as being in a "persistent vegitative state", though she was very aware of the "pulling the plug" discussions going on around her. She tried to signal with her hands, and it was only because a nurse started paying attention that she was saved.

For myself, I don't want to drag on my own possible future vegitative existence at the cost of all that wear on my friends and family, but I want people to make damn sure I'm not aware of what's going on.

Movie of the Moment
Wouldn't your day be better with some human beatbox and harmonica? I thought so.