those a cappella grooves

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October 30, 2003
You know, I only sang a cappella for a year with Tufts sQ, and only put together one or two songs, but it's had a surprisingly lasting influence in how I listen to music. I think I still listen to songs with an ear for "would this be a good a cappella piece", picking out different instrumental lines. And, like a surpisingly large percentange of a cappella singers, I hate listening to a cappella for the most part, but enjoy singing it. Go figure. (And it's not like there are a ton of groups out there just waiting for random less-than-half-assed ideas for good a cappella arrangements...)

Toys of the Moment
Actually, the guy who made that Sand java toy I posted a few days ago has a page with some other java toys. "Spring" is cool, if a little spastic, and I guess the toy "Fire" would be more fun to play with if it didn't strike so close to home...or rather, Californian homes.

Quote of the Moment
"If God is dead, who will save the Queen?"

News Quote of the Moment
"I have not seen anything like it in my entire career as a solar physicist. The probability of this happening is so low that it is a statistical anomaly."
--John Kohl (of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) on yet another solar blast. You know, 'statistical anomaly' is NOT what I want to hear from solar physicists about my particular sun.

Slashdot Thread of the Moment
I thought that this slashdot thread on the future of videogames was pretty good. (Including my own post, if I do say so myself, along with one other guy who modded it as "+1, Insightful")