life of the hacker

November 6, 2003
Logo of the Moment
Speaking of logos (yesterday), Eric S. Raymond would like this Symbol to become a 'hacker emblem'. (Hacker in its original sense of doing interesting things with computers, not breaking into them.) It's the 'glider' pattern from Conway's Game of Life where cells live, die, or are born based on how many living neighbors they had last turn. The 'Glider' is one of the simplest patterns that can copy itself as it moves across the board...if you paint into into the program that I just linked to, you will see it copy itself across the board (each click being made up of a slightly different group of cells) unless it bumped into more cells, or in the case of this java app, the edge of the world. Anyway, I like the design of this.

Link of the Moment
Worst Inventions Ever. Vibrating Bowel-Mover to the the Parachute Hat and beyond. Actually, a pretty quick read.

Music Video of the Moment
Sawers sent me this link, num1000 512kb cache mix, a high energy j-pop music video. Frantic. And as John mentioned, there's always The Badgers...