tetrus questus

November 7, 2003
Guestbook Response of the Moment
Someone has been posting asking where to find old-school Nintendo "Tetrus". Well, as long as you spell it "Tetris", you should have no problems finding cartridges for almost any system on E-Bay, or a thousand online versions if you search on Google...here's one.

Flash Tool of the Moment
Slate Whack-A-Pol lets you pick your presidential canidate by process of elimination...pick the issues that are important to you, and down go the canidates who disagree with that position.

Link of the Moment
Heheheh, the Buttafly Guide to Interpreting Friendster Photos.

Quote of the Moment
We didn't have any money, and we didn't have Coke left, and I was literally trying to finish this. And I looked at the Red Bull, and I'm like, 'It has caffeine in it!' I literally went through most of a case that time, and I was up two or three days ... The strange thing about Red Bull is that it has this really weird ability, and it's not just the caffeine, to keep you really sharp and focused, even though you've been up for two or three days. Usually [on caffeine], you get hazy and you're wired but you're tired, mentally not functioning. But [on Red Bull] you can focus, and you can think logically and clearly. You get tired, but usually it just gets you tired to the point where you're not likely to get distracted. You're just kind of a zombie, but you can focus and think, and it helped to do massive amounts of programming where I had thought of the design before, and I just had to do the programming ... By the end of it, I called the cops because there was a car across the street the second night and I thought it was going to do something bad. I remember calling the cops, and they said something about it not being in their jurisdiction, call somebody else. And then I realized I was kind of going crazy.
I just like that realization at the end, more than the implicit endorsement of Red Bull.