hard drives with a little help from my friends

November 10, 2003
With a little help from my friends I was able to get the data off of my old drive. Although I didn't act on my previous vague backup plans, having everything in just a few directories made life a lot easier.

Thanks for the advice in the messageboard. I don't think it's a VGA thing; even safe mode doesn't start. Either something is hosed in the boot part of the drive (virus?) or maybe it's with the overall system.

People: If you have files that are important to you, Back It Up. This week. Put a copy somewhere else, and figure out how to keep that copy safe. (This can make your life easier when it's time to change computers anyway.)

Link of a Previous Moment
Since things are pretty hectic, maybe it's time to rely on the good old backlog...here's an old Wired article on well shaped curves-- a statistical distributions that seems to be showing up as much as the famous bell cuve these days. (I think they're also called "bathtub curves".)

Quote of the Moment
I've said it before and I'll say it again. There is no way, no way that you could come from my loins. Soon as we get home, I'm gonna put a lump on your mama's head.