i need to look evil

November 11, 2003
Hey, does anyone around Boston have a black or dark grey trenchcoat I could borrow for a costume?

Anyway, for the time being I'm working off of Mo's old laptop, placed on my usual worktable. There's something nice about working on such a self-contained little unit (even though the laptop dies instantly if momentarily removed from the wallplug, this minimizing it's usefulness as portable device.) But it...I dunno, does a good job of putting the computer in its place, it feels like less of a dominant thing in my life. Which is an illusion, but hey.

Link of the Moment
TechInterview.org has those little mindbender problems some companies like to ask on interviews. They generally don't have a lot to do with the job you're actually applying for, but they let an interviewer see the way you work you're way through difficult or even unsolvable problems. (Or, they just give less than clever interviewers something to ask, with letting them watch you squirm as a bonus.) The site also features discussions and solutions of the problems, so BONUS!

Anti-Censorship of the Moment
Time magazine cowardly dropped its 1998 essay by Bush Sr and Brent Scowcroft on why we didn't topple Saddam during Gulf War I from its onlne archives. It's a good essay in its own right, which seems damn near prescient now. Plus, the astonishingly Orwellian overtones of its removal speaks volumes...thank god for the free roots of the Internet, and lets hope the right to publish remains.

In a similar vein, looks like McD's has storngarmed strongarmed (thanks John) Merriam-Webster into dropping "McJob" from its new words section. They try to convince people that they're only doing it to prevent confusion with their disadvantaged/handicapped workers program McJOBS. Yeah, right.

Immaturity of the Moment
--from the Unh! Project, "A collection of guttural moans from comics" Look closely at this one, the "Captain America! I command you to..." just totally makes the tableau for me.