more digital introspection

Just because I've always been curious about what pages other than the frontpage are getting so many hits, I made up a simple log scanner that goes through yesterday's logs and divides the hits into html/directories, images, cgi, and other (mostly cgi or images that the thing couldn't parse correctly), sorted then by number of hits. It wasn't too too informative, though my mortality guide and gamebuttons get a fair amount of their own traffic.

Toy of the Moment
The National Gallery of Art website has a cool online construction toy called Collage Machine. You can select from three sheets of images to drag and drop, resize, rotate, set transparency, flip, bring to front/back, etc. Virtual arts and crafts fun...too bad they couldn't work up a save mechanism.

Interview of the Moment
--MSNBC interview Opus, though I'm not sure if Breathed was involved. Still, he made is re-debut in the funny papers today.