welcome to thanksgiving week

Watched a bit of "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" and that newer Winnie-the-Pooh special last night, while helping my Aunt out with a digital arts-and-crafts project. The latter is kind of odd, after reading "Tao of Pooh" recently I keep asking, "huh, is Pooh exemplifying Taoist principles right now?" I guess thinking such thoughts so often kind of runs against Taoism's "let it flow" ideas, hence my mind kind of has to sputter through the paradox.

Quote of the Moment
All I can say about life is, oh god, enjoy it!
Bob Newhart

Article of the Moment
Slate prsents an evolutionary explanation for Us Weekly magazine.

Flash of the Moment
Haunting Russian Movie with subtitles. Has a cool vibe for a while, though not all that satisfying in the end. Still worth a quick click I think.