no northern lights last night

November 25, 2003
Excerpt of the Moment
There were no 'Northern Lights' last night but there was a big moon and a sky full of stars shining down on the glaciers and snow covered peaks. It was a beautiful night with a constant breeze that seems to come from out among the stars and it seems at times that if you listen very carefully it will whisper secrets as old as time.
Ronald Reagan in a note to his daughter Patti when she was a baby.
It's very evocative...I think one little linguistic trick is to put a series of observations together with the word "and"...Garrison Keillor does that sometimes. It adds a sense of urgency to the observation, or something.

Kirk News of the Moment
So, much to my surprise, I plugged in the recovery CDs I ordered from HP, and they seemed to fix everything on my PC. (Based on some fiddling around I had done trying to get the PC to boot using a different drive, I had been led to believe there was some kind of hardware issue. Guess not...or, as my friend suspects, maybe there was some kind of BIOS burn built into the recovery process. Dunno.) So I'm very happy to be back on speedy machine with its big monitor...though now I've started jonesing for one of those cute mini PC cases with the integrated handle. Still, this systems works well, no need to mess with it.

Toy of the Moment
Thanks to LAN3 for pointing out Mr. Picasso Head! Make your own 'modern' little tool.