December 3, 2003
Sweet jimminy crickets, 1300 unique frontpage visitors yesterday? Man, I hate it when I get a huge spike on a so-so update day. I wonder why...is it the Popular Science rush? Or something else?

It's kind of odd that on the days with the most traffic I don't get any comments. I guess it really is only the regulars who are likely to write. (Hint to regulars: write me some comments, so the torrent of visitors think I'm well-loved.)

Hmm...with the addition of the icons to the sidebar, my bottom-of-the-page hit counter is getting a bit inflated for overall hits. Maybe I should weed images out from that...

Advice of the Moment
You know, rather than just kinda kvetching about the traffic yesterday, I can take a valuable lesson away from it: if you see backed up traffic on the dang onramp, consider plan B for the day, or at least an alternate route.

Link of the Moment
Already making the rounds but worth a quick giggle out if you haven't seen it, from the UK it's Rude Food ("now alphabetical!") It's a bit snarky and sophomoric, and some of the names are only funny to speakers of UK English, but still, an entertaining few minutes.

Geek Link of the Moment
For all you Just Another Perl Hackers out there, it's the 2003 Perl Advent Calendar, some cool Perl Coding tidbit every day 'til Christmas.

Column of the Moment
Speaking of snarky, I was recently reminded about the archive of Funny Paper, a semi-regular feature of the Baltimore City Paper. It's the week of comics in review, and his hatred of Mother Goose and Grimm is quite enjoyable. I also like how they punch up the thing with snippets from the comics...out of context, some of those single panels are very odd. Typical bit:
HI & LOIS: Thursday, Hi tries to straighten out Ditto's attitude about gender relations. "Believe it or not," he says, "someday you'll find someone, like I found Mom, and you'll fall in love!" "Well, moms are a lot easier to like than girls!" the future serial killer retorts.
(via slumbering lungfish )

Quote of the Moment
Life is a moderately good play with a badly written third act.