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Feature of the Moment
So I jumped the gun a little bit and added 2003 to my best of kisrael page. (If I do anything clever in December, I can always add to it.) After I revamped the best of page, just having two years looked a bit lonely, hence 2003. Of course, 'best of' is a bit...I dunno, misleading maybe. It's mostly just days when I've created something interesting, an image or an online toy. I link to stuff more interesting than what I personally create all the time, but "best of" is the stuff I can take credit for.

Quote of the Moment
'If all the neurons in your brain were laid end to end,' Funny Paper's college roommate used to say, 'you would die instantly.'
from the Funny Paper article archive (yesterday's link)

Japan Links of the Moment
Found some kind-of similar articles on Japan lately: a FAQ focused on the practicalities of moving to Japan, and a SAQ about odd things you might notice if you go there. The latter is more interesting, in general. It has some cool links, like a 'solution' to what is the sound of one hand clapping (a kind of ritualistic exchange that goes a little beyond Bart Simpson's "flap flap flap" suggestion) and a list of animation shortcuts and clichés used in anime. There's also a page on etiquette, with even more links down at the bottom. These images are pretty cool and informative.

Link of the Moment
"We are Tree of Borg. Your street signs will be assimilated and their biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own."