mind the gap

December 12, 2003
Image and Link of the Moment
--excerpt from this parody of the London Tube Map. You can compare it to the original, though it took a lot of liberties (though there is indeed an "Elephant and Castle" area in London.) The original was definately a pioneering work in information design, showing that sometimes maps need to show connections as clearly as possible, regardless of geography.

Paraphrase of the Moment
there's no moral to the story, it's just a bunch of stuff that happens.
AuSkeptic paraphrasing a Simpsons episode (I'm looking for the episode and exact quote myself.)
Thanks for the comments yesterday, from AuSkeptic and "Been there". I really don't there's an unspoken agenda on Mo's part, but I doubt it, we really do talk quite a lot.

Meme of the Moment
Would that hot dog taste better if it was an octodog, a hot dog in the shape of an octopus?

Virual Toy of the Moment
I don't know how hard it is to install/download for non-techies, but Smooth Teddy is an interesting little toy that makes 3D objects out of your 2D shape sketches. You may need to have Java2 installed on your system. It's a really cool idea, though the interface needs work...the game Magic Pengel seems to have a similar concept, though I think the territory for seriously cool kiddie-CAD apps combined with a game is just barely starting to be explored...

Neurosis of the Moment
Despite its disturbing headline, CNN's Report: Earth's magnetic field fading was actually kind of reassuring in terms of the timeline of it all. (For those coming late to the party, the whole loss-of-the-magnetic-field things is one of my more recent TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it) neurotic scenarios.)