day of the par-tay

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December 13, 2003
Wow, between the two of us Mo are invited to four seperate holiday get-togethers today. (Actually 3 for me, 1 for her.) Luckily they're surprisingly well-spaced: 1pm, 3pm, 6pm, 8pm.

Games of the Moment has some really cool online games. The UI is pretty confusing, you meet up in a common lobby, and then launch into a one on one game...I think the key is just to click "Play Now" and the computer will automagically put you in a game (theres some kind of rating system, maybe it tries to match you up to a similar skill level, if such a person is available?) "Kung Fu Chess" is a variation of an idea I had a long time ago, chess where you don't have to take turns. (When I thought of it in the late-80s, I thought each player would control a cursor with a joystick, and every time you moved a piece your cursor would reset to a position off of the boad. They do it a little differently, but the core concept is the same.) They have a few word games and some action games, including a sumo-ized version of the old school "Arcade Volleyball".

Also, lately I've been getting back into iSketch, multiplayer online Pictionary. Potentially very addictive! You can also check out the Finalists for the Independent Games Festival.

Mean Holiday Link of the Moment
Get into the holiday spirit of picking on the mentally handicapped and fast food restaurants with that timeless classic Ding Fries Are Done.

Quote of the Moment
"She has an alarm clock and a phone that don't ring -- they applaud." fortune