money can't buy happiness, but i think it can rent it for a while

December 17, 2003
Heh...I was happy to see the rambling discussion on hacker "L33T"-speak yesterday generating almost as any comments as the Israeli/American policy discussion two days before that.

Quote of the Moment
Face it, you either need a job, an organized religion, or a vice in order to meet people or keep busy.
LAN3, when we were AIMing about "Trust Fund Kids"
We were wondering about how idle we would be, were we members of the idle rich.

Image and Link and Toy of the Moment
--Some researches have assembled an alphabet made from snapshots of brainfolds...the page includes a fun drag-and-drop toy for spelling out your own words.

Links of the Moment
The Onion's AV Club has some great retrospectives at the end of every year: here's the least essential albums of 2003 and the annual cheap toy roundup. That makes for some good readin'.