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December 28, 2003
Analysis of the Moment
Slacktivist.org has a journal of ongoing analysis of the Left Behind series, pointing out how much fudging and handwaving has to go between here (our current time and place) and there (the near-future as portrayed in the book.) Given how influential these books are (especially, possibly, even in the current administration of this country) their casual disregard of our current geopolitical reality, science and technology, and even basic human psychology is pretty horrifying.

Quote of the Moment
The future is an opaque mirror. Anyone who tries to look into it sees nothing but the dim outlines of an old and worried face.
Jim Bishop
Ties in pretty well with the previous link. Except theirs isn't an old and worried face, but one looking to get the heck out of there in the rapture before it all goes down. Heh...Tobias Wolff was being interviewd about his book Old School, and he mentioned how some of the appeal of Ayn Rand is "simple answers to complex questions"--that's kind of what Left Behind offers. Don't worry about the future of the planet, you'll be out of here anyway....IF you're a strong enough believer. (Quote via therosser.)

Link of the Moment
GameSpot has the best and worst of 2003. "Dubious Honors" is the most fun section, there were a bunch of clunkers this year.

Other Link of the Moment
Just on the off chance some of my loyal audience isn't composed of video game fans, check out LOGO R.I.P., where old logos go to die. I've always been interested in logos and other forms of iconography...