December 29, 2003
So for most of this holiday season I've been over at my Aunt and Uncle's. It's a pretty full house, my pseudocousin Llara and her writer mother Donna-Lane are there, along with my mom in from London.

The one time I've been home was on Friday when I went on a bit of a decluttering rampage. I actually did it a pretty good job of getting rid of all these useless instruction manuals, a whole book-shelf worth, along with all these maybe-useful-someday-but-probably-not computer bits, wires and plugs and PC cards and what not that are clogging my closet. Well, by good job, I mean made a big "to go" pile in the middle of the front room so that the entry way to our house looks a bit like a junkyard, but still.

Though it seems I'm pretty small change on the decluttering and simplification front relative to Donna-Lane. Her stated guideline is, in the event of her death, it shouldn't take more than a morning for Llara or whomever to clear out her stuff...ideall, only like an hour. This goes all the way too not having a lot of clothes, making good use of the public library rather than maintaining a personal one, etc. It's an interesting goal, but I'm always tempted to give media and clothing a free pass. I have a ton of books, CDs, and video games, and probably always will. Though probably half of my clothing isn't stuff I ever actually wear, and I didn't think I'd feel like Stalin conducting purges, I could probably get rid of the same percentage of books and videogames and not miss what I got rid of. (I guess I'm less concerned about dumping CDs, since they fit so neatly in those black folders.)

So what about you all? Do you feel like waging a battle against clutter in your own life? Do books and DVDs and what not get a 'free pass'? Comments welcome.

Link of the Moment
I was more amused than I expected I'd be by 20 ways to monkey with telemarketers. Very clever ideas, but who has the energy for all of that? (And thanks to this state's relatively old "Do Not Call" list, we've really had few calls for the past long while.)

Quote of the Moment
What garlic is to salad, insanity is to art.