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December 30, 2003
Cartoon of the Moment
--Graham Roumieu--lots more at his website. At times he reminds me very strongly of a modern-day Charles Adams. linked to this one which is deviously great.

Quote of the Moment
I'd kiss you, but I'm not sure it'd come out right.
Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle

Minor Rebuttal of the Moment
People, including the author of the news article in question, are amused by the concept of consulting an almanac as a possible suspicious activity in terms of terrorism awareness...but the main image of a terrorist thumbing through a copy of "The Old Farmers Almanac" is what gets all the yucks. Now, there are so many forms of reference out there, online and otherwise, that it does seem a little odd to be picking on almanacs, but it's also clear that the alert bulletin is refering to a different kind of almanac. So by picking on this "straw man" of Farmer's Almanac, they miss a more serious point about what constitutes suspicous activity this day and an olive-skinned guy trying to figure where in Boston he is with one of those big yellow road atlases going to raise eyebrows these days? Should it?