new year filler day 4 (backlog flush #39)

January 4, 2004

Spoonerism of the Moment
Her Bouldering Smeauty
Just a little meme that occured to me and got stuck in my head while reading poems for the blender of love yesterday.

Link of the Moment
This NY Times article about some compulsive hoarders might be a motivation for people who are trying to declutter. (Or maybe the opposite, maybe someone will think "I'm not as bad as THESE guys, so maybe I'm ok after all".)

I just went through all these old tapes I never listen to. Listened briefly to all the unlabeled ones. I discarded most, keeping mostly a few homemade tapes. I even got rid of "irreplacable" mixes that I'm never ever going to listen to. (Including, alas, one I think was from Veronika, but she didn't label it.) Other mixes I try to keep a text copy of the track list even if I get rid of the original again. I don't think I'll ever reconstruct them but its nice to know the information isn't truly lost, and a textfile in a folder especially for the purpose (with a index.html providing metadata for it, in fact) isn't a clutter burden.)