catch-22 skidoo!

January 9, 2004
At the risk of stating what every blogger in this part of the country is going to say: IT IS SO DAMN COLD OUTSIDE. Jimminy crickets, I can almost feel the atoms in my exposed bits slowing to a standstill.

Catch-22 of the Moment
Can a spouse successfully prevent a court from granting a divorce?
One spouse cannot stop a no fault divorce. Objecting to the other spouse's request for divorce is itself an irreconcilable difference that would justify the divorce.
It's a battle you've already lost anyway, but never have I seen such a real life textbook case of a legal Catch-22. It is in its own way beautiful.

Quick Link of the Moment
This is your charcoal drawing. This is your charcoal drawing on drugs. Any questions?

Less Quick Link of the Moment
Wired has a piece on the click heard around the world, a 1968 demonstration of technologies that wouldn't appear on home computers for over 10 years: hyperlinks, the mouse, video conferencing, real-time document editing, etc.

I really think Wired is still one of the most consistently interesting magazines out they put most of their content online a few weeks after the print edition.

Toy of the Moment
Brunching Shuttlecock's old Cyborg Name Generator is now at its own URL. The algorithm for making up names is really clever, fun to play with and see how good it is at stringing the words together. Plus, Lore linked it up so you can get custom cafepress T-shirts and the like. I got one for Mo for Christmas...cafepress claims to have changed its printing method, so hopefully the shirt imprint will prove more durable than on the old ones.