stoned again

Poem of the Moment
I dreamed I saw a basilisk
That basked upon a rocky shore
I looked upon the basilisk...
With eyes of stone I looked no more.

I dreamed I saw a cockatrice
A-chewing on a piece of bone
I gazed upon the cockatrice...
One cannot gaze with eyes of stone.

To look upon a basilisk
Is really never worth the risk
To gaze upon a cockatrice
Is permanent and never nice.

For it can never be denied
Life isn't pleasant, petrified.
"Basilisk and Cockatrice: A Moral Poem" by Destruction, one of The Endless in Neil Gaiman's graphc novel "Sandman: Brief Lives".
Not the most brilliant work (as Destruction's own dog says, "Ah. Well, at least it wasn't long") but it reminded me a bit of Don Marquis' "Archy and Mehitabel" stuff.

Quote of the Moment
"Love is the self-delusion we manufacture to justify the trouble we take to have sex."
Dan Greenburg
Game of the Moment
A one-trick pony, I still thought Super Mario Rampage, with the Italian plumber walking merrily along using a shotgun to clear his path, was worth a quick giggle.