January 24, 2004
Online Toys of the Monet
Awesomely compelling Zip Code starts out with the entire continental USA lit, as you type in each digit of a 5-digit zipcode, the lights go out for everywhere except where the digits typed so far could apply to.

Actually, the website of Ben Fry, the designer, has something, interactive or just visually compelling, for everyone. :

Quote of the Moment
I must say I feel rather sad that today's children seem to get so much of the 'either-or' teaching. 'A girl is either smart or pretty.' 'A man can be either a top-flight technical person or a top-flight human relations person.' 'A woman can be a success at marriage, or at a career.' Such thinking seems to me basically wrong. Why not try to be both smart and pretty? Adequate both technically and in human relations? A success at both marriage and a career?
Ever since I was the father in that play in Middle School, I've had a soft spot for that amazing story. Mostly, I just wanted to say that "Adequate both technically and in human relations?" might just be the secret to my software development career thus far.