word to my peeps

February 6, 2004
Hahaha, I was wondering about the recent upswing in traffic, from around 100 hits a day to 300-500...turns out because I wrote about the recent superbowl controversy but spelled "Janet Jacksons Rhythm Nation" without the apostrophe for the possessive, and also "I love this picture" (about a completely unrelated photo) I'm the number one MSN search for picture of janet jacksons breast and similar queries. (It's often a little interesting to look at my referer log analyzer, see if anyone interesting is link to me.) Kisrael.com: scourge of horny typo-laden websearchers everywhere.

I do want to say...c'mon people, it's just a breast. The reaction is another bit of prudishness to get the Europeans to snicker at us. (For a while I was thinking that the sexualized themes of that stage show tied into it, but there would be the same reaction to a deliberately displayed, national audience, female nipple no matter what the context.)

Quote of the Moment
Noooooo....more like a baby chicken. [...] I like baby chickens.
Co-worker and old friend, Mary K.
She was giving me a pep talk on my chances in the dating scene, after I said that I'd always look "like a Campbell's Soup Kid". Thanks, Mary.

Link of the Moment
Find the Guys Head. I was just a few seconds shy of, urr, "Genius", because I looked at the wrong scale at first. (I had recently been looking at a collection of old timey hidden images, usually where a face can be made out on a much larger scale.) And given how we're programmed for face recognition and what not, I think the scale of how smart you are if you find the face quickly is a little skewed...

Moral Righteousness of the Moment
I gave blood today...I rock!

You know, I have very little sympathy for anyone who doesn't give blood just because they're squeamish about it, either their own blood or the idea of it being used to help out someone else.